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Vision for the Future

Our self-assessment efforts revealed that HSBC USA is making significant progress in two general areas that affect its environmental performance: the consumption of paper and the consumption of energy. Two initiatives — "A Paperless Environment" and The Amherst Data Center — spearhead HSBC USA's progress in these directions and are considered pilot projects, the results of which will be extended to other areas.

A Paperless Environment

One of the goals of the company is to move toward "A Paperless Environment". Although total elimination of paper is unrealistic, its use can be decreased by a series of measures, which are now being implemented or in the course of being introduced at HSBC.

Amherst Data Center

The Amherst Data Center

Our new Amherst Data Center is a state-of-the-art facility and a model of environmental soundness. The building exceeds New York State Energy codes and allows operators to attain optimal efficiency for its lighting and HVAC systems. The Amherst Data Center provides valuable insights as to the energy efficiencies that can be attained at other facilities as well.

Learning from our preliminary results and on-going initiatives, we will extend our efforts to minimize the consumption of paper and energy across all locations and to a growing number of operations within HSBC USA.

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