Loan Officers with Lending Authority

The following Loan Officers have completed the Loan Officer Certification Program granting them Lending Authority. The Certification program trains Loan Officers in analyzing income and asset documentation. Once certified, the Loan Officer is able to approve certain low-risk loans at the time of application.

Using an Automated Underwriting system at the time of the application reduces the amount of documentation from the customer, resulting in quicker approvals.


Loan Officer:
Mark Ponzio
Elma Roland

New Jersey

Loan Officer:
Victor Victoratos

New York - Albany

Loan Officer:
Paul Hurley
Tim Sherwin
Peter Smith

New York - Central

Loan Officer:
Kelly Barry
Mark Huefner
Sharon Marziale
Ann Rushlo
Cheryl Schroy

New York - Long Island

Loan Officer:
Daniel Kilfoil
David Peters

New York - Mid-Hudson

Loan Officer:
Michael Coyne
Paul Gallivan
Patrick Lombardi
Scott Syre
Kathleen Wirth

New York - NYC

Loan Officer:
Edward Kataev
Joanna Tierney
Paul Yu

New York - Rochester

Loan Officer:
Lowell Benjamin
Patrick Burdick
Bruno Buttarazzi
Michael DerCola
Mary Beth Eggert
Harold Schaefer
John Vandermark

New York - Western

Loan Officer:
Janet Brown
David Deutschlander
John Jimenez
Scott Kelemen
Brennan Kelly
Shawn Manley
Julie Picone-DeGlopper
David Welnhofer
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